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Construction at Bryce’s Sunset Point underway

BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK — Construction is underway to address aging asphalt, reclaim natural areas and improve accessibility in the park’s Sunset Point area.

Access to Sunset Point and the Navajo Loop Trail will be maintained throughout the duration of the project, which is expected to wrap up next spring, according to park officials. However, visitors should expect short-term delays and detours.

Areas under construction will include the Sunset Point parking lot, access trails leading from the parking lot to the canyon rim, portions of the Rim Trail and the Sunset Point overlook.

During construction, visitors are encouraged to ride the free Bryce Canyon Shuttle when exploring the main amphitheater. Parking at Sunrise Point and traveling to Sunset Point along the Rim Trail is also recommended to reduce congestion.

Once the project is completed, the Sunset Point area will be in compliance with outdoor accessibility guidelines of the American Barriers Act, and ensure visitor safety along trails and walkways.