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Letter: Journalism dead in America

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Deseret News

Dear Deseret News editors, from the front-page article "Reeling in rage" published July 23rd, it appears that the author, Jennifer Graham, doesn't like our president. He is the only political figure she uses as an example of anger. Nowhere in the article does she mention the uncontrolled rants of the liberal left — Barack Obama's rants in the White House behind closed doors, for example, or Hilary Clinton's public rants against Republicans, middle-income people and those who disagree with her. Or what about Bernie Sanders' rants against free enterprise?

Also used is the example of a conservative author and pundit, Ann Coulter, using Twitter. Nowhere is mentioned the "you won't believe" stories promoted daily and nightly on television, almost universally bashing the conservative people and values in our nation.

Fair and balanced journalism is virtually dead in America. As editors, it is your responsibility to edit reporter's stories to provide fair and balanced news, not the opinions of reporters mingled with the truth. Other news sources are beyond redemption, but from the Deseret News, I would expect nothing less.

Steven Jones

Gresham, Oregon