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Letter: Stir up Russians?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Deseret News

Would someone please explain to me why the Senate and Congress have put more sanctions on Russia? It is our understanding that no one has been able to prove that Russia did anything that affected our elections. In discussing this with many friends and family we know that when it came to the elections we each decided who we were going to vote for and did so when voting. Unless the Russians were able to change our vote, at the polls, which is highly unlikely, we don’t believe there was any way they affected our elections. Please give me specific actions, by the Russians, that effected the election results.

It seems that the Senate and Congress are just trying to stir up the Russians for some reason and we don’t need any more conflicts than we already have to deal with. There is enough turmoil in the world without stirring up something that doesn’t have any basis.

Marilyn Godfrey

Salt Lake City