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Letter: Town hall meetings

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Deseret News

In a perfect world it would make sense for Rep. Mia Love to hold a traditional town hall meeting. Unfortunately, in today’s world there are people who are malevolent and bent on harming our political leaders.

As we have recently witnessed in Utah, some people abuse the purpose of a town hall meeting. They become ugly, antagonistic and lose all measure of civility. Even in a smaller “open house” that Rep. Love just held, Matthew Tracy interrupted Rep. Love repeatedly. This type of bullying creates an uneasy atmosphere and wastes the time of people who want to discuss issues in a civil manner.

By having smaller group meetings, Rep. Love has better control over the degree of danger she and others face when meeting in an open forum. It would be better, however, for Rep. Love to hold her “open house” during after-work hours so constituents can attend without missing work. Ms. Love has every right to keep herself and her family safe from harm. Those who press the issue show little concern for her welfare and safety.

Sue Richards

West Jordan