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Letter: A steadier path

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Deseret News

The quick departure of Anthony Scaramucci from the White House, after so recently having been appointed to the position of White House communications director, is both a surprise and a shock. Frequent changes in White House staff is perhaps repeated by changes in policy positions while the White House works Congress on critical legislation. There have also been changes in executive orders being defended before the federal courts by this White House too.

These abrupt changes, however, do not mean that President Donald Trump was not elected by the people through our Electoral College. He has been certified by that body even if he did not obtain a majority of the votes cast by the voters themselves. He is our legitimate U.S. president now.

While recognizing Trump's legitimacy, we can still recoil from the frequent changes in White House staff and in the announced public policies by this White House. All these features can be accounted for because President Trump, our U.S. leader and leader of the free world, has never before held any public office — not in Congress, not in the executive branch, including the military, and not in any state or local governmental positions either. We have elected this president knowing that he had no government experience at any level!

I wish President Trump to be successful, but this has been an extraordinary period of tumult and change since he took office in January 2017. We may yet be in for a bumpy ride to come. We shall see. During my time in D.C., I have worked in two administrations at the U.S. Department of Transportation in the Ford and Carter years. In both cases those administrations were under siege from time to time, but they functioned nevertheless because Carter and Ford had significant governmental experience, and they hired experienced White House staff members to help them.

When I served to head the National Conference of State Legislatures in D.C., I also worked with President Reagan on behalf of state legislators across the county. With both these administrations, the voices of other levels of government were heard and considered. I hope that the views of local and state governmental officials will continue to be heard now. And I hope that the abrupt changes in White House personnel and policies will abate, and put us on a steadier path.

Robert Goss

American Fork