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Book review: 'Answers Will Come' shares author's perspective for those with questions, doubts about their faith

"ANSWERS WILL COME: Trusting the Lord in the Meantime," by Shalissa Lindsay, Covenant Communications, $11.99, 156 pages (nf)

"Answers Will Come: Trusting the Lord in the Meantime" is author Shalissa Lindsay's personal account of experiencing, what she calls, "a crisis of questioning."

Lindsay recounts a time in her life when she was attending Brigham Young University and planning to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She enrolled in a course that she hoped would help prepare her to answer investigators' questions. Instead, it created a seemingly unending avalanche of questions within her own heart that she couldn't answer.

"I felt at turns lonely, distrustful, foolish, numb, trapped by downward spiraling logic, and frustrated that God had not more fully resolved such important matters," Lindsay writes in the book.

What follows in her book is the journey she took, and continues to take, to find peace, faith and trust in the Lord through the challenges and trials of life. She relates specific questions or doubts to everyday situations, giving readers the opportunity to see potentially confusing doctrinal issues from the perspective of someone who's questioned.

When addressing the common question about why God allows hard things to happen on this earth, Lindsay writes, "If faith comes too easily or automatically, it will not be strong enough. ... As God delays answers and miracles, he offers us the time to weave increasingly powerful faith into the permanent patterns and habits of our souls."

Lindsay relates receiving answers from the Lord to receiving packages from Amazon, compares contradicting instructions in the scriptures to a pancake griddle and explains how thinking about a scratched CD can help readers see difficult people as Father in Heaven might see them.

This book is fantastic for teenagers and adults who may find themselves drowning in too many questions and not finding enough answers, or for anyone simply wanting to fortify their testimonies by reading the insights of another.

Lindsay is a member of the LDS Church and served as a full-time missionary in Sao Paulo. She has degrees in human development and organizational behavior from Brigham Young University and is now a full-time mom to her eight children.

Megan Jensen is a Brigham Young University graduate, mom writer and avid traveler. Her website is at