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Letter: Trump's deportation policy

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Deseret News

Saturday-night news on KSL aired what I consider a very disturbing story. An immigrant from Peru, a mother, grandmother, nurse and legal resident, was deported for voting illegally. Apparently, when she applied for a driver's license she was asked if she wanted to register to vote. She foolishly said yes and voted in two elections. There is no excuse for breaking the law as she did. The issue I have is her being deported. Why couldn't she have been fined, assigned community service and then purged from the voter registration rolls? I believe the real reason she was deported was political. The majority of conservatives are of the opinion that most immigrants will vote Democrat. Here in Utah, a married man, father of four, here legally, was deported to Samoa for a incident that happened 11 years ago. Why wait 11 years and then deport someone?

Under immigration reform proposed by President Trump, his own grandfather and many of our own pioneer ancestors would have never been allowed to immigrate to America. It isn't just Trump's immigration policy that I find disturbing. President Trump and many of his followers consistently blame the news for all their political setbacks. The results of a poll recently published in the Deseret News indicated that 45 percent of Republicans would support some degree of government censorship of the news media if they were guilty of some degree of political bias.

I am a retired military veteran and registered Republican, and I am terrified of President Trump and his supporters. Dare to criticize President Trump and any of his policies and you are labeled a RINO and un-American. I don't care what Trump followers think of me. Look at Trump's dismal approval rating. Time for Americans to wake up and vote Trump and his supporters out of office.

Neil Thomas