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SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Division of Water Resources is once again holding a “H2Oath: Utah’s Water-Wise Pledge” competition among Utah’s colleges and universities to see which school can acquire the most pledges from students, faculty, alumni and fans.

The winning school will receive a $5,000 scholarship to the department or program most closely related to water conservation. The competition will run through Friday, Oct. 20.

“We are interested to see which school is the most dedicated to water conservation, and this is a fun way to find out,” Todd Adams, deputy director of the division, said in a statement. “Utah State University pulled out the win at the last minute last year. I think they’ll win again, but I am definitely biased. … Go Aggies!”

H2Oath has a pledge category where participants can choose their favorite Utah college or university. The pledge can be taken at Commitments include watering no more than what the division's Weekly Lawn Watering Guide recommends and following several other practical guidelines.

The division is also encouraging participants to let their peers know via social media when they take the H2Oath, using the hashtags #H2Oath #WaterWar. They are also encouraged and tag the school they selected.

The division launched “H2Oath: Utah’s Water-Wise Pledge” in 2016 to encourage practical and efficient water conservation efforts by families, businesses, cities, government agencies and statewide organizations.