Here’s a look at the news for Sept. 25.

Puerto Rico ravaged by Maria

Hurricane Maria first made landfall in Puerto Rico last Wednesday as a Category 4 storm. Now, Puerto Rico is without power and food, according to The New York Times.

In fact, the storm destroyed 80 percent of the island’s crop value. Entire plantations, dairy barns and chicken coops were left broken and shattered.

The storm’s "force and fury stripped every tree of not just the leaves, but also the bark, leaving a rich agricultural region looking like the result of a postapocalyptic drought. Rows and rows of fields were denuded. Plants simply blew away," The New York Times reported.

The storm also destroyed 90 percent of homes. Highways, bridges and roadways are broken. Others have collapsed.

Ramon Hernandez Torres, mayor of the city of Juana Diaz, told The Washington Post, "It’s a total disaster."

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Trump, athletes go toe-to-toe

President Donald Trump’s comments last Friday against NFL players who decide to kneel before the national anthem caused a stir over the weekend, according to BBC.

Trump said to a crowd in Alabama on Friday that players who don’t stand and who kneel should be fired from their teams.

But on Sunday, many players united, linking arms during the anthem as some knelt to protest racial injustice, BBC reported.

At the same time, NBA superstar Steph Curry said he didn’t want to attend a White House ceremony. Trump later rescinded his invitation.

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‘Sextortion’ cases unfolding in Utah

Law enforcers encouraged teens and parents to avoid falling victim to teen “sextortion” cases unfolding throughout the Beehive State, according to the Deseret News.

"Sextortion" is a case of online blackmail that often targets teenagers. The U.S. Justice Department called it "by far the most significantly growing threat to children,” the Deseret News reported.

And now it’s hitting home here in Utah.

Steve Cagen, head of U.S. Homeland Security Investigations in Utah and three other states, told the Deseret News that most cases start with 12- to 14-year-olds.

"But they're talking to a 40-year-old or 50-year-old man, who once they have one photo will then extort them for more. It's called sextortion. It's happening a lot. And we are asking parents to talk to your kids, because it can happen in every neighborhood," he said.

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Utes move up the polls

The University of Utah football team has moved up in major polls following its weekend win, according to the Deseret News.

After hanging on to win 30-24 against Arizona, the U. now sits at No. 20 in the Associated Press poll. That’s a three-spot climb from the No. 23 ranking it received last week.

The Utes reached No. 19 on the Amway Coaches Poll, too.

The top five teams are Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Penn State and USC.

Utah’s Pac-12 rivals USC, Washington (No. 6) and Washington State (No. 16) are also in the top 25.