SALT LAKE CITY — Everyone’s favorite new drink has a bit of an odd name.

You’ve probably seen the sparkling water LaCroix hanging around on store shelves. But how do you pronounce the Wisconsin-based drink’s name?

The true pronunciation is “La-Kroy,” according to

But Jimmy Fallon decided to send "Tonight Show" writer Arthur Meyer down to Rockefeller Plaza to ask people if they've tried the drink — only Meyer pronounced LaCroix's name differently every time he said it to see if anyone would notice.

The results? Hilarious.

As you can see in the video below, Meyer's pronunciations varied from “La Crow-wix” to “La La Croisha.”

Watch the entire skit below.

The underdog seltzer water has been around for decades. But it was only last year that it exploded in popularity, according to Business Insider. Sales jump from $65 million in 2010 to $226 million in 2015.

Duane Stanford, the editor of the industry publication Beverage Digest, told Business Insider that the brand sat well with millennials.

"With millennials these days, it's all about authenticity and discovery, and they are suspicious of mainstream advertising messages," he said.