Get ready. Oreo hot chocolate is on the way.

Nabisco recently released a new brand of Oreo-flavored hot cocoa mix.

Food blog The Impuslive Buy first spotted the drink on shelves at a Walmart.

A representative also told Refinery29 that the drink will be "hitting store shelves this week at Walmart locations nationwide in addition to a few other retailers."

And a representative of Oreo told Mashable that the hot cocoa mix — which easily plays on the idea of dunking your Oreo into hot chocolate — will have its nationwide rollout in October.

The new Oreo mix will likely cost $2.98 for a box of eight packets, which is about 37 cents per cup, according to Mashable.

According to Mashable, 7-Eleven offered Oreo hot cocoa in its stores and last fall, and Dunkin' Donuts added a similar drink to its menu.

According to Thrillist, rumor has it that there will be hot choclate-flavored Oreos sometime in 2017, too.