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Book review: ‘Mormon Girl: Incognito’ is a rollicking sequel full of suspense, romance

"Mormon Girl: Incognito" is by Kari Iroz.
"Mormon Girl: Incognito" is by Kari Iroz.
Provided by Covenant Communications

"MORMON GIRL: INCOGNITO," by Kari Iroz, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 263 pages (f)

Jacklyn “Jack” Wyatt’s life is pretty perfect. She’s survived her brief stint with the FBI and is in a great relationship. So when Damon Wade, her boyfriend of eight months, invites her to Las Vegas to meet his family, she hopes it means their relationship is moving to the next phase in “Mormon Girl: Incognito.”

But when Jack arrives from Utah early, with plans to surprise Damon, and accidentally bumbles her way into his undercover operation, her easy time in Vegas quickly turns life-threatening.

Jack, who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, must go undercover again, and this time the bad guys she’s dealing with are much scarier than the ones she met in “A Date with Danger.” She must impersonate a highly successful and lethal gun runner while trying to keep herself and Damon alive.

Author Kari Iroz has written a seemingly perfect sequel in “Mormon Girl: Incognito.” This novel is full of suspense and romance and liberally interspersed with witty one-liners and observations by Jack that can leave readers literally laughing out loud.

While many sequels fall short of their predecessors, Iroz’s does not. Instead, she’s taken the two main characters from “A Date with Danger” and run with their personalities in this hilarious novel that is just as entertaining and fun as her first book.

“Mormon Girl: Incognito” is a clean novel with no profanities and romance that doesn’t go beyond kissing. While there are several suspense-filled scenes, violence is limited and trivial. A few serious topics are alluded to, such as rape and human trafficking, but details are very minor.

Although a sequel to “A Date with Danger,” this book can be read on its own.

A former student at Utah Valley University, Iroz lives in Utah with her husband and daughters.

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