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Missing plane may have visited Golden Spike steam engine festival

BRIGHAM CITY — Authorities and family members of a missing pilot and passenger are seeking the public's help in finding a small plane overdue since Friday.

The aircraft was reported missing on Friday night from Ogden-Hinckley Airport.

Investigators believe the red and white Cessna 172 carrying two men in their 70's could be spotted from the winter steam engine festival at the Golden Spike historical site late Friday afternoon, said Box Elder Chief Deputy Sheriff Dale Ward.

Ward in a statement asked anyone with photographs of the plane or other information to submit them to The aircraft's tail number its N4395R.

"If we can establish that they flew the Golden Spike Site," Ward said, "it will help narrow the search area."

The plane was expected to return Friday afternoon following a brief sightseeing trip to northern Utah.

The pilot, Denny Mansell, 71, and passenger Peter Ellis, 74, took off from the Ogden airport about 3:30 p.m. Friday. The pair had plans to fly the Promontory Point area then return to the airport about an hour later, according to the Box Elder County Sheriff's Office.

State and local law enforcement agencies led extensive searches over the weekend.