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UTubers: 'Studio C' takes on Disney, The Piano Gal covers 'The Greatest Showman'

BYUtv's "Studio C" released a parody of Disney's "The Little Mermaid" this week.
BYUtv's "Studio C" released a parody of Disney's "The Little Mermaid" this week.
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BYUtv's "Studio C" stars show their ability to impersonate iconic Disney characters in this week’s UTubers. This week's edition also features covers by The Piano Gal and an unlikely appearance from a BYU research team.

In the latest "Studio C" spoof, the cast takes on “The Little Mermaid” and we go under the sea to get a technical look at the deal Ursula made with Ariel. The video has tallied over 337,000 views and counting.

"Studio C" is also releasing videos from a new series called “The Interrogation Room” where “criminals enter, break down, and confess to all of their awful crimes” to some crazy cops. In part one, a cop impersonates Rafiki from Disney's "The Lion King" in an exchange that doesn't end well for the cop.

The Piano Gal has been working on covers from "The Greatest Showman," including “Never Enough” and “A Million Dreams.”

Students from the BYU College of Life Sciences are working with biology professors Mark Belk and Dennis Shiozawa to conduct research on climate change in Alaska.

"Every fish carries the story of climate change in its bones. Literally. An otolith, a tiny round bone found in the head of fishes, can reveal the age of a fish and its growth cycle, much like tree rings reveal the age and growth of trees," the video's description reads. "On a mentoring research trip to Alaska, BYU students and faculty catch fish, collect otoliths and gather data about climate change and rock fish populations. The research will help the fishing industry and other stewards of the earth manage populations and assure sustainability and survival of ocean-dependent species from rock fish to whales to humans."