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Letter: A family showed me the Christmas spirit I had forgotten

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Deseret News

Around the new year, my family ate at a restaurant in Midvale. We arrived later in the evening and were seated in a section by a large, boisterous family group. Before long, their noise level reached extremely loud. It was difficult to have a conversation. Normally, I would’ve limited my reaction to a disapproving look or raised eyebrow, but that night I snapped.

In an idiotic tone, I let out an obnoxious guffaw, followed by multiple exclamations of how much I loved the menu — I would show them. I took it way too far and for way too long. When I was done, the restaurant was quiet. My family’s shock was only exceeded by their embarrassment. The other patrons must have paused, questioning my mental stability. The remainder of the meal was spent awkwardly trying to not make eye contact with anyone.

The large party finished and left the restaurant. When we received the check for our meal, the server informed us that someone from that party had purchased $100 in gift cards to pay for our meal. I felt like a schmuck, my boys were still embarrassed and my wife was deeply touched. A forgiving soul "turned the other cheek" and showed the Christmas spirit that I had forgotten.

If anyone knows this family that was enjoying each other’s company before I spoiled it with my worst Ebenezer Scrooge impression, please tell them that I am sorry.

Stephen Johnsen