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Letter: Keep the 'Dreamers,' lose the hate groups

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Deseret News

Our nation is in the midst of a titanic struggle between the best of America and the worst of America. An example of the best is the DACA youth — the "Dreamers." They are American in spirit, and they deserve a path to citizenship. An example of the worst is the hate groups and their allies.

The hate groups are recruiting workers into their ranks on the false notion that Dreamers are taking their jobs from them. But those jobs are being lost to artificial intelligence. Dreamers are laborers, too. They have the same interests as American workers and will fight for those interests alongside American workers.

If the Dreamers are deported, will that raise the minimum wage? Will it create jobs? Of course not. The Dreamers will stand by labor because they are laborers. They will stand by America because they are Americans. We must stand by the Dreamers, so that together we can defeat our common enemy — the minions of hate.

Leon Johnson

West Valley City