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Letter: Let's focus on discrimination

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Deseret News

The recent debate as to whether President Trump is a racist is a waste of time. Racism often deals with deeply held ideas. What we should examine is discrimination. There is no easy way to convince one to change beliefs, no matter what the evidence is. Discrimination, however, is a legal matter and can be challenged. If one believes that a race is inferior to another, arguing with that person can be futile. If, however, that same person refuses to sell his home to one he believes to be inferior, the law will not allow him to do that. He must sell to whomever is financially qualified to buy the house, regardless of background.

Similarly, if one provides services to the general public, the person cannot refuse to serve someone he dislikes. A physician cannot refuse to serve a patient whom he believes to be inferior. That would constitute discrimination and can be legally challenged. Arguing about racism does not produce societal benefits; challenges to discrimination produce compliance with the law and the equal treatment of everyone.

Donald Thomas