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Letter: BYU volleyball teams deserve more coverage

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Deseret News

For many years, BYU volleyball teams, men and women, have been by far the most successful of all BYU sports team, yet relatively little recognition is given to that sport by the Deseret News. Very often no mention is made of upcoming games, and several times, no account of the results of a BYU volleyball game is even given in the sports section.

An example of this is the Friday night game against Barton University. Granted that Barton is little known, still, the outstanding play of BYU should have been recognized with an account of the game. Instead, there was absolutely no mention of the game.

Volleyball is an exciting sport, and BYU teams have been ranked nationally over the years. Please give the sport and the teams the recognition they deserve by more detailed reporting in the future.

Ted Christensen

American Fork