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Utah contestants see tragedy, viral fame in latest episode of 'The Bachelor'

The contestant begin their challenge.
The contestant begin their challenge.
Screenshot, "The Bachelor" Twitter

SALT LAKE CITY — Both Utah contestants survived another week of “The Bachelor,” but tragedy struck for one while Twitter fame ignited for another.

Contestant Maquel Cooper left the episode early after receiving a call from her mom, who informed the American Fork native of a family situation.

“I got a phone call from my mom today and was told that my grandpa had passed away. I mean I was shocked because it was unexpected. I was really close with him,” Cooper said. “It’s hard getting that news.”

Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. addressed Cooper’s exit, saying “that it was very important for her to go home,” and that he hoped to see her again.

The preview for next week’s episode showed Cooper back on the set as the cast and crew visit Fort Lauderdale, Florida, meaning she hasn’t been eliminated from the contest.

Marikh Mathias, who hails from Salt Lake City, sympathized with Cooper.

“I know that she’s a little bit in shock right now and I definitely felt that way when my grandma passed away,” she said. “I can imagine how she must be feeling."

Mathias drew attention later in the episode during the group hiking date where the contestants were asked to eat bugs, drink their own urine (Luyendyk didn’t actually let the contestants do it) and take an extended hike through the Lake Tahoe wilderness. All bachelorettes received bags of hiking gear so they could navigate through the forest to a special location, which wounded up being a mansion with an outdoor hot tub.

During the hike, Mathias was caught brushing her hair. Fellow competitor Chelsea Roy said in an interview during the show that she felt Mathias was out of her element during the hike.

Mathias approached Roy in the tongue-in-cheek post-credits scene on the show, calling her out for “glam-shaming her.”

Roy told the cameras that she was “pro-glam.”

The moment sparked a conversation on Twitter, with people revealing their allegiances.

Mathias survived the rose ceremony after she received a rose early in the proceedings.

The rest of the episode centered around the villainous Krystal Nielson continuously battling for Luyendyk, igniting a feud between herself and Caroline Lunny, who later did not receive a rose and was sent home. However, Nielson was the last contestant to earn a rose Monday night.