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UTubers: 'Force awakens' in Provo, Bouncy House races down mountain

Provo City Government Facebook screenshot
Provo City Government Facebook screenshot
Provo City Government Facebook screenshot

Star Wars makes an unexpected appearance in this week’s UTubers, as does a bouncy house, a lasik eye surgeon and a surprise present from YouTube.

The force awakened in Provo this week as Mayor Michelle Kaufusi was sworn into office Jan. 18. It wasn’t official until former mayor John Curtis handed off the lightsaber.

Ever wanted to sled down a mountain in a Bouncy House? How about passing Jenga blocks while doing it? This insane video shows an epic ride in British Columbia reaching speeds of 50mph. Kids, don’t try this at home.

BYUtv's "Studio C" released two new videos this week. The first features a lasik eye surgeon who just might dissuade you from ever getting the surgery. In the second video, watch as Jason hits the delete and re-record button more than a dozen times while leaving a voicemail to follow up with his date. His struggles includes impersonations of President Trump, Napolean Dynamite and even a Wookie.

“What’s inside” receives a surprise present from YouTube - a framed image made up of the best fan comments from videos last year.

YouTube also sent a letter of thanks for the relationships they built with their fans.

“These connections are what make YouTube thrive,” YouTube wrote.

Fans can win a copy of the poster by commenting on the video.

"What's inside?" wasn't the only one to be surprised this week. Nadia Khristean sang with the Piano Guys for a surprise concert at a Teen Homeless Shelter. She played the piano and sang “Broken” while Steven Sharp Nelson accompanied on the cello. She talks about her experiencing feeding the homeless and encourages fans, “You have the capacity to make a difference.”

On another touching note, Heber City mom Amanda Bowman Gray posted video of her daughter playing the guitar and singing “You are my Sunshine” for her 2-year-old son with Down Syndrome. He has a 12-word vocabulary he’s gained through music.

Another Utah mom's video went viral this week when this mom made a special tribute to newborn son during the last hour before she gave him up for adoption.

“This is for you Tagg, I made this video so you know how much I love you," she told her baby. "I wanted to tell you why I made the decision to place you with your family.”

She told him how she met his daddy, how supportive he was and how excited he was to meet him.

“Two days after he heard your heartbeat, his heart stopped. From the day your daddy died, I had a hard time even considering seeing you with a different family when you were my last piece of Caden," the mother wrote. "One day I woke up and just knew you were supposed to be with someone else.”

You also don't want to miss this 11-year-old’s technicolor-dreamcoat performance of “Any Dream Will Do” with Donny Osmond -- a performance Osmond himself said was one of his favorite moments while touring the UK last year.

Evie Clair and GENTRI also released new music.

James The Mormon also brings the energy with his new single ft. Keishianna in a song that promises to “take you out like the power bill.”