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Koy Detmer Jr. offered scholarship back home at Texas A&M Kingsville

PROVO — Koy Detmer Jr., a BYU walk-on quarterback from Somerset, Texas, who became very popular with Cougar teammates, is expected to accept a scholarship offer from Texas A&M Kingsville.

Detmer had an opportunity to be a student assistant with the Cougars this coming season, but will likely extend his playing career with this move to Texas (the school is located 130 miles from his home). His uncle, Ty Detmer, confirmed the news on Thursday.

Back in the day, Texas A&M Kingsville had plenty of fame, earning seven Division II national titles with nearly a dozen players taken in the NFL draft. It was a popular school for many Texas athletes to attend who had not qualified for a Div. I scholarship for one reason or another.

The Javelinas alumni include former Oakland Raider legend Gene Upshaw and fellow Hall of Famer Darrell Green, one of the NFL's best corners. Current Kansas City Chiefs defensive backs coach Al Harris also played there.