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Letter: Each vote has potential to build up our communities

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Deseret News

With the divisiveness in Washington and gerrymandered districts, it seems that voting is just a waste of both our time and our spirit. Here is a metaphorical thought: With each ballot or ballot initiative, each voter is handed a brick. Every brick is exactly the same; it's equal. None is bigger, brighter or carries more weight. We must decide what to do with that brick. Do we put that brick in the same place as last time and hope for something different? Should we place it in a position to build support for a candidate with character or use it to create something new and positive? Or do we just set that brick aside, sulk and decide to not even participate?

Each vote counts, and each communicates a message. As the adults in our community, we must each thoughtfully use our vote to build our communal future, not waste it in apathy or for some adolescent gesture.

William Cosgrove

Cottonwood Heights