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Photos: Healing body and soul with music

Beth Hardy, left, a music therapist at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, plays a tune with cancer survivor John Matro, of Park City, and fellow music therapist Heather Fellows at the institute in Salt Lake City on Friday as part of Music Therapy Advocacy Month. Fellows said some of the goals of music therapy include helping patients alleviate symptoms, process the emotional aspect of what they are going through and deal with end-of-life issues. Matro, who was diagnosed with throat and neck cancer in 2016 and has since been cured, started music therapy around Christmastime 2017. “In a way, music is a therapy that is with us throughout our entire lives,” Matro said. “Even if all we do is listen to music, it’s therapeutic, even though we don’t think of it as such. But it cheers us up and augments our feelings.”

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