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BYU men's basketball: Hip-hop duo electrifies the Marriott Center; Ricky Rubio watches game

PROVO — Cosmo and the Cougarettes did quite a bit for Ayo and Teo back in October, and, on Saturday night at the Marriott Center, the hip-hop duo returned the favor.

During halftime of BYU's 80-65 win over Pacific, Ayo and Teo performed alongside those same Cosmo and the Cougarettes in a scene seldom accompanied by a BYU athletic event.

Those in attendance generally went wild, as the duo performed their hit song "Rolex," with both artists providing a lively performance while interacting with the home crowd throughout. The performance lasted just a little over three minutes, but most in attendance appeared to be more than satisfied with the rare halftime spectacle.

On Oct. 6, Cosmo and the Cougarettes performed a dance number to "Rolex" during a BYU football game against Boise State. The video went viral, with Ayo and Teo receiving a much-appreciated boost, along with it.

“We seen the video of the Cougarettes and the mascot, and it went everywhere,” the performing artists said in an interview with ESPN960. “It was all over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and it got shared on multiple pages, so they invited us out here to do it over.”

The hip-hop duo was more than willing, and noted in the interview a significant jump on itunes and hip-hop charts for the song, after the video went viral.

Ayo and Teo stuck around for the finish of BYU's win while taking multiple pictures with fans who came down to greet them. Before the game the duo greeted many more fans, proving very generous of their time throughout.

As for the how the BYU dance group performed their hit song back in October, Ayo and Teo stated, “They’re amazing … they can really dance."

RUBIO, TOO: Utah Jazz point guard Ricky Rubio also was in attendance at Saturday's game, sitting in the front row. Other Jazz players who have made it down to Provo for Cougar basketball games include Joe Ingles, Dante Exum and Donovan Mitchell.

DASTRUP DOES IT AGAIN: Payton Dastrup was called in from the bench during BYU's win, and yet again the 6-foot-10 sophomore made a notable impact for his team.

"He did a great job bringing energy to a team that I think really needed some energy," said BYU coach Dave Rose. "I think he continues to improve, and one thing about Payton, maybe more so than anyone we've had, is that he wants his team to win in the worst way, and he contributes any way he can with a lot of distractions."

BYU forward Payton Dastrup (15) goes to the basket during the team's matchup against the Pacific Tigers at the Marriott Center in Provo on Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018. | Jacob Wiegand, Deseret News

Dastrup first entered the game at the 9:40 mark of the first half and immediately hit a 3-pointer to cut Pacific's lead to 20-15.

"Payton came in and just played great," said BYU big man Yoeli Childs. "Without that who knows what happens? We probably don't go down the half down just three. So it's huge when guys come off the bench and make plays like they do."