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Photos: Jazz players give students an assist with math

Grant Ure cheers during a game of NBA Math Hoops at the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City on Monday. The fast-paced board game, which teaches students fundamental math skills through basketball stats of their favorite Jazz and NBA players, featured Jazz forwards Jonas Jerebko and Georges Niang. The Jazz, with support from Utah Valley University and Larry H. Miller Charities, implemented the program at the start of the season in 68 schools and nonprofits along the Wasatch Front, teaching more than 2,000 youth basic arithmetic, geometry, percentages and statistical analysis. Monday's event included 55 youth from Carden Memorial School and the YMCA of Northern Utah who were selected for showing exceptional dedication to the program. The students were split into two teams with Jerebko and Niang on each squad. The court was set up to mimic the board game, with numbers placed around the floor as shot locations. With two halves of play, students were given fundamental math problems to complete, which unlocked different locations for the players to shoot from on the court. Once the math problem had been solved correctly, the students directed their Jazz teammate to the shot location to earn points on the scoreboard.

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