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Letter: Trump is destroying conservative values

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Deseret News

Why do we allow President Donald Trump to continue to destroy the conservative values long championed by the Republican Party?

His nomination and election took marital fidelity, personal integrity and treating others with respect off the table. Then his foreign policy attacked free trade, the protection of human rights and promotion of democracy. His words frequently undermine free speech.

Now he has taken racial bigotry to a new level by asking why we should allow immigrants from predominantly black countries instead of more Norwegians.

Sadly, his attacks on conservative values is far from over. By pushing for skills-based immigration only, at the expense of family relationships, we are giving up one of the most basic of our beliefs — that the success of society depends on strong families.

Congress needs to begin to lead on immigration and other challenging issues instead of allowing an unpopular president to push unpopular policies. It is the only way true, value-based conservatism will survive.

Drew Allen