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U.S. Senators Jeff Flake and Mike Lee honor President Thomas S. Monson on the Senate floor Thursday

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake pays tribute to President Thomas S. Monson on the Senate floor.
Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake pays tribute to President Thomas S. Monson on the Senate floor.
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Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake and Utah Sen. Mike Lee both paid tribute to President Thomas S. Monson on the Senate floor Thursday.

“There is much that can be said from what President Monson taught us from the pulpit,” Flake said. “There is much more to be learned about what he did when he wasn’t speaking, the sick that he visited, the weary he sustained, the jobless he aided and the homeless he sheltered.”

Flake began his remarks by introducing President Monson’s passion for going “to the rescue” to aid those in need.

“He possessed a genuine love for those who were sad, downtrodden and less-fortunate,” Flake said.

He continued by speaking of President Monson’s care for the 85 widows in his local congregation during his time as a young bishop.

“Though he was their appointed church leader for just a few short years, the love he felt for those widows was evident,” Flake said. “He continued to visit each widow throughout her remaining life and was present at the funeral for each of his dear friends.”

Flake pointed out that former U.S. president Ronald Reagan recognized President Monson’s valuable perspectives as evidenced by an appointment to serve on Reagan’s task force on private sector initiatives to talk about the church’s welfare program.

In conclusion, Flake shared a scripture that Ann M. Dibb, daughter of President Monson, has said her father embodied:

“Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world,” (James 1:27).

“There is no better description of the life and legacy of Thomas S. Monson. May we do the same by rushing 'to the rescue' of those in need,” Flake said.

Sen. Flake shared his gratitude for President Monson’s service on Twitter earlier this week.

"Grateful for President Thomas S. Monson's many years of selfless service. Cheryl and I express our condolences to his family,” Flake tweeted. “His legacy is one of kindness, peace, and hope. As he always said, 'the future is as bright as your faith.'"

The Wall Street Journal’s Natalie Andrews reported on Twitter that Utah Sen. Mike Lee also honored President Monson. also previously paid tribute to President Monson in the following statement:

“President Thomas S. Monson was a dedicated disciple who spent almost eight decades in the service of his fellow men and his God. He was a strong advocate for Christlike love and the principle of eternal families, and his years as prophet were marked by a massive expansion of the missionary system and the temple network. He led by example, and his messages of love, redemption, and optimism will continue to inspire and shape those he leaves behind, both in and outside the church. My prayers and the prayers of many others are with him and his family today.”