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A.M. notes: Crews discover aircraft in Great Salt Lake, thick fog cancels flights, Oprah triumphs at Golden Globes

Parked jets are lined up in the fog at Salt Lake City International Airport on Monday, Jan. 8, 2018.
Parked jets are lined up in the fog at Salt Lake City International Airport on Monday, Jan. 8, 2018.
Ravell Call, Deseret News

Here’s a look at the news for Jan. 8.

Crews find aircraft in Great Salt Lake

Search and rescue crews found an object in the Great Salt Lake that was later identified as something close to the airplane that disappeared last month, according to the Deseret News.

Dale Ward, Box Elder County sheriff's chief deputy, said the discovered object "unequivocally identified as an airplane of the general size and description of our Cessna 172.”

The Cessna 172 went missing about a month ago on Dec. 29 with passenger Peter Ellis and pilot Denny Mansell.

The Weber County Sheriff's Office said in a Facebook post that they hope the investigation over the disappearance ends soon.

"(We) hope we are successful and can bring closure to the family," the post stated.

Read more at the Deseret News.

Thick fog delays and cancels Salt Lake airport flights

Thick fog across the Salt Lake valley led to 23 outbound and 21 inbound flight cancellations, according to the Deseret News.

Twenty-three inbound flights were diverted on Sunday because of the fog, too.

Flights were delayed for 90 minutes.

The National Weather Service issued a dense fog advisory, saying it’ll last until Monday.

Read more at the Deseret News.

Oprah triumphs at the Golden Globes

Despite not being nominated for a film, Oprah Winfrey left the Golden Globes with her head held high, according to the Associated Press.

Winfrey delivered a speech that sparked much social media discussion about a potential 2020 presidential run.

But it also fits the theme of the night, which was meant to honor women and their successes in Hollywood.

"For too long women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men," Winfrey said as she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement. "But their time is up. Their time is up!"

Meanwhile, dark comedy "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” cleaned up with the best drama picture award.

The film’s stars Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell won best actress and best supporting actor roles, respectively. Martin McDonagh, the film’s writer and director, won for best screenplay.

Read more at the Deseret News.

Monica Lewinsky recounts pain of scandal

Monica Lewinsky spoke to a packed auditorium in Park City over the weekend, where she recounted her infamous affair with President Bill Clinton, the Deseret News reported.

Lewinsky said she became an instant victim of harassment.

"Overnight I went from being a completely private person to being completely publicly humiliated," Lewinsky said.

She said she became "patient zero" for cyberbullying and online harassment.

"When this happened to me, there was no name for it," she said. "Today we call it cyberbullying, slut shaming and online harassment."

Read more at Deseret News.

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