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Letter: Utah's new BAC law is bad policy

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Deseret News

We all want the roads in Utah to be safe, but legislators went overboard last year when they passed the controversial .05 law. Many Utahns oppose it, and it’s no secret why.

Deaths rarely occur at these low BAC levels, and with so many other problems on our roads like distracted driving and drugs, it seems like legislators are focusing on the wrong issues — especially when .05 doesn’t undermine safety nearly as much as other common driving habits. Instead, these odd and obscure alcohol laws only worsen the perception of Utah and blur the separation between Mormon ideology and state policy.

Despite many legislators abstaining from alcohol altogether, many of us do occasionally enjoy one or two drinks and would prefer not to be put in handcuffs and thrown into financial ruin.

I know the hearts of our lawmakers are in the right place, so I’m hopeful they will repeal .05 and replace it with laws that will truly make us safer in 2018.

Steve Lassen

Salt Lake City