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Letter: Another flu season is upon us

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

Seventeen years after, we still reel from the 9/11 attacks in which 2,996 of our people died needless, tragic deaths.

Twelve months after Hurricane Maria, we still mourn the 2,975 deaths in Puerto Rico. While 64 of these deaths occurred directly from the hurricane, the rest were from prolonged delays in our response: delays in restoring roads, the electrical grid and medicine, food and water. These deaths were all the more tragic because they were due in part to our neglect. Most could have been prevented.

Last winter, 80,000 Americans lost their lives due to complications of influenza infections. Between November and March, a hurricane’s worth were lost every five days.

We are facing another flu season. Each of us should own the responsibility of protecting ourselves and thereby protecting our families and all those we contact. A flu shot can break the chain of contagion and save lives. Or we can mourn the additional needless, tragic deaths that will again be due in part to our neglect.

William Cosgrove

Salt Lake City