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Letter: Jenny Wilson is 'a woman who can'

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

In a strong religious culture that emphasizes family values, it seems there are only so many opportunities that a woman can reach for. Women are often told we can’t have it all.

I am a part of that culture, but look forward to the progression and recognition of powerful women. We are told there are not enough hours in the day to excel in the duties of a mother, a wife and a public servant. Jenny Wilson is representative of a woman who can. Not only that she can, she does. She represents a new generation of women who recognize that women are more than their social norms.

Jenny fights for those who do and do not share her political stances. Politicians that honestly care about their constituents are few and far between. Knocking on doors and making phone calls are vital to a campaign, but are rarely taken on personally by the candidate. On Saturdays, between caring for her family and her other campaign duties, Jenny knocks on doors and seeks out voters.

Jenny Wilson understands how to connect with the people of Utah and represent their interests. Her constant charisma and vigor for her cause is awe-inspiring. Utah is in good hands with Jenny and with her determination to make our world better.

Taylor Weber