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Orem homeowner shot, killed man found in garage, police say

A 18-year-old man whom police believe orchestrated a plan to kidnap another teen, stab him, duct tape him and dump him near Magna, has been arrested.
FILE - An Orem resident shot a man he found in his garage Monday morning, according to police.
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OREM — An Orem homeowner shot and killed a man whom he found inside his garage Monday morning, police say.

The alleged intruder suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen and died at a local hospital a few hours after was shot.

Just after 7 a.m., a man walked outside his house, 364 N. 800 West, when he heard what sounded like someone in his unattached garage. The homeowner went back inside his house and retrieved a small-caliber handgun, then went back outside and to the garage, said Orem Police Lt. Craig Martinez.

At that point, there was a "confrontation," Martinez said. Details about what transpired between the two men were not released.

The homeowner fired "several" shots, striking the intruder, he said. The homeowner then called 911.

The victim, 49, lived in the neighborhood. Martinez said he was not someone whom police have dealt with often. His name was not released pending notification of family members.

The homeowner was interviewed by police Monday. Detectives were seeking to obtain search warrants to enter the garage and the residence.

The homeowner was not arrested.

"It is too early to determine if charges will be filed on anyone right now," the lieutenant said. "We don't have anyone in custody. We are not looking for anyone else. We are going through some interviews and processing the crime scene."

Police said there was no information Monday to suggest the homeowner was not within his right to defend himself with deadly force, but the incident is still being investigated.

"It is unfortunate," Martinez said. "I know that the homeowner is very distraught and upset about what happened. No one is ever wanting to be involved in this type of an incident. But sometimes they happen."

He said the investigation should wrap up in a couple of days and then be presented to the Utah County Attorney's Office to determine whether any charges will be filed.

Contributing: Sam Penrod