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Tale as old as time: The Disney Store just released all-new ’90s-inspired collection

The resort announced Tuesday that police officers, firefighters, EMTs, doctors, nurses and 911 dispatchers can receive a special “First Responders' Rate” for the seven Disney Springs Resort area hotels at Walt Disney World.
Disney stores are rolling out an all-new '90s inspired collection of merchandise.

SALT LAKE CITY ― Hey Disney, the ’90s called, and they’re actually bringing their stuff back.

Oh My Disney, the official blog of The Walt Disney Company, recently announced that it’s releasing a line of ’90’s inspired gear.

The collection features retro-inspired T-shirts, pajamas and accessories based on classic films from the decade, including “The Lion King," “Aladdin," “Beauty and the Beast” and more.

But it goes further than just clothing. Among many other items, the ’90s Flashback Collection also has VHS-shaped key chains, multi-colored click pens and character-themed plastic cups that are straight out of 1993.

“Though the store's items typically appeal to children, the ’90s Flashback Collection by Oh My Disney is all about adults who never quite got over their love for Hercules or 'The Lion King,’” according to Pop Sugar.

Trends from the ’90s have been making their way back for quite some time now. In recent years, scrunchies, overalls and chokers have all been brought back onto the fashion scene.

The Oh My Disney collection seems to embrace this movement and gives people what they want, a ’90s Disney-fueled taste of nostalgia.

According to BuzzFeed, the collection can be purchased online as well as in official Disney stores.