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Man shot at by Tooele police charged with assault

A Coalville man who allegedly aimed a laser pointer at a medical helicopter in August faces a felony charge in federal court.
Charges were filed Tuesday against a man whose confrontation with police resulted in shots being fired by an officer.
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TOOELE — Charges were filed Tuesday against a man whose confrontation with police resulted in shots being fired by an officer.

Christopher Michael Ono, 27, of Tooele, is charged in 3rd District Court with aggravated assault resulting in serious injury, a second-degree felony.

On Oct. 9, a Tooele County sheriff's deputy went to Mountain West Hospital where a woman was being treated for an assault.

"Her nose was still bleeding the entire time I was speaking with her. Her right eye socket was swollen and she stated she had a hard time seeing out of it when she was driving away from the scene of the incident," the officer wrote in his report.

The woman told investigators that she was in her car in front of Ono's house when he punched her in the face through the window, according to charging documents.

Three officers went looking for Ono about 12:30 a.m. on Oct. 10 at his residence, 126 W. 860 North. Two officers went to the front door and the third positioned himself so he could see the back door, according to a statement from Tooele police.

"As officers tried to summon the occupants of the home to the front door, the suspect, Chris Ono, exited the back door at which time he pointed a pistol in the direction of the officer. The officer discharged several rounds toward Mr. Ono at which time Mr. Ono surrendered," police said.

Ono was not hit by any of the shots. When police took him into custody, they found a loaded gun near the back door where he had been standing, the statement says.

Charging documents do not mention the officer-involved shooting, which remained under investigation Tuesday.

An initial court appearance for Ono is scheduled for Oct. 22.

His criminal history includes a conviction for felony shoplifting in 2017, felony theft in 2016, drug possession in 2015, aggravated assault in 2012, felony drug possession in 2011, and making a terroristic threat in 2010, according to state court records.

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