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1A cross country: Monticello's Adam Bunker, Panguitch's Taylia Norris claim top honors

SALT LAKE CITY — Down the final stretch on the track at Highland High School on Wednesday, four orange shirts apparated. Monticello High School placed one through four in the 1A Boys’ three-mile race at the UHSAA state cross-country meet, leading to back-to-back team state champions for Monticello.

“This is kind of surreal. I thought we would do well and I thought that we had a chance to win it and go back-to-back, but I wasn’t sure. I didn’t think that we’d do this well. It’s humbling, it’s very surreal,” Monticello cross country coach Jeff Hunt said.

Monticello senior Adam Bunker placed first with a time of 16:32.8, while teammates Alan Pettit, Cory Bunker and Hyrum Johnson all ran in behind him.

“It’s awesome. I’m glad that my team did so well, too. We’ve got to see what our combined time is, but it was good,” Bunker said shortly after crossing the finish line. “It was good. I was way proud of them. They did what they were supposed to do, they did their job.”

Seeing his team finish one-two-three-four took Hunt’s breath away.

“I couldn’t breathe for a minute. It was great. These guys have really put in a ton of miles this summer, they worked really hard. Adam (Bunker) put in 500 miles over the summer and most of the guys, 300-400 miles, so it’s been great. These guys have really worked their butts off and have really done a great thing,” Hunt said

While Bunker, a senior, was disappointed that he didn’t beat his 2017 time of 16:20.0, he was still happy to end his high school running career on top.

“I was kind of looking for a faster time, so I saw that one and decided I’d go as fast as I could, maybe. It was good, it was a good finish,” Bunker said.

“Nobody deserves it more than Adam does. I know he’s a little disappointed in his time today, but he’s done something that nobody in Monticello has done, as far as the boys go. We’ve never had a back-to-back state champ for the boys. To have that kind of a record, that’s amazing,” Hunt said.

On the girls side, Taylia Norris, of Panguitch High School, secured her second-straight first-place finish, with a time of 19:54.7.

“I knew I had a good shot from the first, but I knew there was tough competition, so I just tried to stay focused the whole race, trying to keep the lead,” Norris said.

Panguitch finished first in the team standings, beating out Milford via tiebreaker.

Panguitch’s Abigail Holman, Camri Fischer, Mikayla Reeder and Lacey Marshall all finished in the top 10 on Wednesday morning, which was good for a team state championship.

Breathless, Norris described how proud she was of her team.

“It’s amazing. They all ran really well, I’m so proud of all of them. It’s awesome to see them finish so strong in the last meet,” Norris said.


1A Girls Individual Results

1. Taylia Norris, Panguitch, 19:54.7; 2. Kinley Spaulding, Milford HS, 20:20.9; 3. Akaydeh Livingston, Milford HS, 20:33.6; 4. Lily Long, Monticello HS, 21:02.8; 5. Abigail Holman, Panguitch, 21:37.4; 6. Taylor Alger, Milford HS, 21:42.6; 7. Camri Fischer, Panguitch, 21:57.9;

8. Mikayla Reeder, Panguitch,22:03.9; 9. McKayla Holiday, Monument Valley HS ,22:28.1; 10. Lacey Marshall, Panguitch, 22:35.3; 11. Aliza Woolsey, Milford HS, 22:36.6; 12. Emma Beesley, Bryce Valley HS, 22:51.3; 13. Bahazhoni Filfred, Whitehorse HS, 22:59.0; 14. Hallie Palmer, Panguitch, 23:09.8; 15. Felicity Williams, Wayne HS, 23:13.4; 16. Joesi Rowley, Milford HS 23:17.0; 17. Corryn Anderson, Panguitch, 23:23.4; 18. Lauren Thomson, Rich HS, 23:26.0; 19. Serra St. Clair, Monticello HS, 23:27.9; 20. Yanely Duenas, Wendover HS ,23:41.3.

1A Girls Team Results

1. Panguitch, 21; 2. Milford, 21; 3. Monticello, 72; 4. Whitehorse, 78; 5. Bryce Valley, 85; 6. Wayne, 114; 7. Tintic, 136; 8. Rich, 140; 9. Valley, 149.

1A Boys Individual Results

1. Adam Bunker Monticello HS, 16:33.0; 2. Alan Pettit, Monticello HS, 17:14.8; 3. Cory Bunker, Monticello HS, 17:16.4; 4. Hyrum Johnson, Monticello HS, 17:18.4; 5. Porter Schoppe, Panguitch, 17:29.9; 6. Luke Reeder, Panguitch, 17:59.4; 7. James Jeffs, Water Canyon HS, 18:20.4; 8. Lucas Hatch, Monticello HS, 18:30.6; 9. Koleman MacInnis, Valley HS, 18:31.7; 10. Miles Guerrero, Wayne HS, 18:37.5; 11. Boston Freestone, Monticello HS, 18:48.6; 12. Xavier Martin, Whitehorse HS, 18:59.8; 13. Ruger Reeve, Valley HS, 19:08.4; 14. Joshua Hammon, Water Canyon HS, 19:09.8; 15. West Saunders, Wayne HS, 19:11.4; 16. Dylan Bird, Monticello HS, 19:13.3; 17. Landen Hardy, Pinnacle HS, 19:17.9; 18. Brock Syrett, Bryce Valley HS, 19:18.6; 19. Jace Edwards, Wayne HS, 19:26.3; 20. Korbin Atkin, Panguitch, 19:37.5.

1A Boys Individual Results

1. Monticello, 10; 2. Panguitch, 46; 3. Wayne; 66; 4. Water Canyon, 70; 5. Valley, 93; 6. Tintic, 121; 7. Manila, 130; 8. Rich, 135, 9. Milford, 142.