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Trix cereal is getting remade to look like fruit. Here's why

Boxes of General Mills Trix cereal sit on display in a market in Pittsburgh.
Boxes of General Mills Trix cereal sit on display in a market in Pittsburgh.
Gene J. Puskar, AP

SALT LAKE CITY — A longstanding internet joke made the case that the Trix cereal changed its shape from fruity designs to round ones because the last generation of kids to see the cereal as fruity shapes had become adults, furthering the whole “Trix are for kids” joke.

Well, the joke is dead, because fruity Trix are back.

What's happening: General Mills announced Monday it will be bringing back its iconic fruity design. The company said it made the change “after receiving thousands of social media comments, mentions and requests for the return of the iconic cereal shape.”

  • "Trix cereal is beloved by our fans, and we heard loud and clear that they wanted to see the iconic shapes back in their bowls," said Scott Baldwin, director of marketing for General Mills Cereal. "When Trix launched in 1954, it was the first fruit-flavored cereal that was colorful and fun. We're excited to continue that legacy, bringing an extra dose of joy to breakfast."
  • The original Trix debuted in 1991, becoming a staple among ’90s children everywhere. By 2006, the company decided to return to its round shape.
  • Since that time, fans have asked General Mills to switch the shape back to fruity. In 2016, General Mills removed artificial flavors and colors as well as fructose corn syrup, Fox News reported.

Now, we will see the fruity shape Trix return this fall.

  • The shapes will include flavors raspberry red, lemony lemon, orangey orange, wildberry blue, grapity purple and watermelon.

Bigger picture: According to USA Today, millennials as adults have seen the return of many items they praised as children, such as Planters’ Chez Balls. And don’t forget ’90s classics like “Space Jam,” “Power Rangers” and “Jumanji” all getting their own reboots.