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Letter: Look on the bright side

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

I agree that arrests for Operation Rio Grande seem high. But I am willing to bet you that all of them were of those who were violating the law in some way. With that many arrests, it plainly tells you that the problems there were very substantial and something had to be done. Those who were not breaking the law were not arrested.

The problem was all the illegal activity going on, both inside and outside of the shelter. Many found it unsafe to be in the area. Now, the area is quite safe to be in and the conditions inside the shelter have markedly improved since security has been greatly increased.

Stop whining about how many arrests were made and look at the bright side. Most of the lawbreakers have moved elsewhere.

Finally, some of those arrested are happy it happened, as they have been able to take steps to get out of the rut they were in and now have housing and/or treatment and have straightened themselves out.

Wayne Collins

Salt Lake City