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Letter: Running the neighborhood play

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

I love baseball. Between playoff games I catch up on the news. The juxtaposition of baseball’s double play and sound bites of President Trump got me thinking about the “neighborhood play.” For decades prior to 2015, umpires called the runner at second base out if the fielder caught the ball somewhere near the base before throwing on to first base. The rule change, combined with instant replay review, means that fielders now have to actually touch second base to get the runner out.

Hearing lie after lie after lie peddled by President Trump from the Oval Office to Montana and Texas, then hearing his staff, tribal Republicans or the masses in the conservative media echo chamber attempt to justify what he said, it dawned on me: They’re running the neighborhood play. As long as supporters can pull one word from the president’s sentence then use that same word in some other fact and claim truth, then everyone is expected to believe its veracity.

This may seem like inside baseball, but if you find yourself traveling the winding road of rationalization to defend President Trump, then you’re likely not in the neighborhood of reality.

There is only one thing worse than not calling safe as safe, out as out, truth as truth and a lie as a lie: that is to do nothing on Election Day, when your voice is the loudest. Get out and vote.

Patrick Hagen