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Book review: 'Losing Everything in Divorce: Finding Healing through Christ' encourages turning to Christ for hope and relief

"LOSING EVERYTHING IN DIVORCE: Finding Healing Through Christ," by Reg Christensen, Cedar Fort, $11.99, 128 pages (nf)

Going through a divorce is an arduous struggle. It can leave a person feeling afraid, unsure and alone. Author Reg Christensen, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, shares insights on navigating the tempests of divorce in his recent book “Losing Everything in Divorce: Finding Healing Through Christ.”

After 24 years of marriage, Christensen’s relationship with his wife fell apart and his life was turned upside down as the two divorced. Struggles with family, employment, church callings and friendships were unexpectedly part of his everyday experience.

However, as Christensen used his own agency to turn toward Jesus Christ in search of comfort and relief, he found the support and encouragement to continue forward and, in time, to reinforce others who faced similar trials.

Using scriptural accounts and personal learning, Christensen applies important gospel principles to struggles often experienced by those affected by divorce. He guides readers to embrace agency, learn to forgive, choose to be thankful, seek comfort in the scriptures, and more, all while sharing real-world examples of these concepts from his own life and the lives of those he has met.

The ideas expressed are uncluttered and simple, but in a way that makes them applicable to readers. The meaning of his message is broad and accessible to many circumstances, including those touched by the breakup of a marriage in any way.

While Christensen does share his own insights, he also ties his thoughts to scripture and the words of modern Latter-day Saint prophets, giving it a further level of depth.

Christensen’s work is deeply personal and his heart is in the pages of this book. While he does share some personal experiences and insight, this isn’t a book about his life. It is obviously a book meant to encourage and support people who have felt the pain of divorce by encouraging them to turn to the gospel of Jesus Christ.