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Letter: Zombie invasion

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

We read about the charges filed against Drew Hyde during an altercation at the alley by the Egyptian Theater in Park City. It appears he was on his way to a restaurant and had no knowledge of the Odyssey Dance Troupe’s production of "Thriller."

We attended the dance production in Park City around the same time. We were also approached and harassed by girls dressed as zombies. It started at the sidewalk and continued into the Egyptian Theater lobby and right to our seats. We endured their hissing and taunts before, during intermission and after the show.

We grew weary of the girls' constant hissing, grabbing at us and invading our personal space. We could see no responsible supervisor who might have seen the many attendees who were uncomfortable with this display. We were not the only ones who couldn’t wait to get out of there when the show was over.

We support Mr. Hyde’s defense of his daughter as well as his own personal space. We don’t doubt that he was protecting his family. We believe it is possible the accusations were exaggerated.

We are glad it wasn’t us. We may have reacted the same way, and we knew we were going to see "Thriller" — with zombies. We will never attend a "Thriller" production again. Although we loved the dancing, the zombies were over the top.

Jim Olsen

Salt Lake City