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Letter: Digital intersection signs can create a better Utah

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

Create a better Utah: Install new digital signs at intersections.

Communication is key to inform people of nonprofit services or safety endeavors. It all can be paid for by ads from local businesses. Digital signs would be placed on poles to the right, just past busy intersections, for a total of four signs. When the lights are red for those lanes, scrolling pages for things like for homeless vets, people addicted to drugs, suicide prevention, jobs training and who is hiring would be displayed. Need these services, you can use any new pay phones, and the 211 number could be used for free. When the lights are green, the screen will go dark. This will prevent drivers from getting distracted driving through the intersection.

Safety issues could be displayed on these digital signs as well. How do you recognize human trafficking and report it, what to do if you are a runaway and feel no one is there to help you, or if you are a victim in the human trafficking trade and want out, please call 211 at any pay phone, or use your own cellphone to connect. Other safety pages could inform about preventing vehicle-pedestrian accidents as well. Drivers beware and pedestrians please wear reflective materials to prevent tragedies.

David Thelen