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3 reasons why 'Star Wars Resistance' is unlike any 'Star Wars' show you’ve seen before

The show will premiere on the Disney Channel before moving over to Disney XD this fall.
The show will premiere on the Disney Channel before moving over to Disney XD this fall.

SALT LAKE CITY — “Star Wars Resistance” might not be the “Star Wars” show you’re looking for.

The upcoming animated television series — which premieres Sunday night on Disney Channel and in the Disney NOW app — is unlike any “Star Wars” show you’ve seen before.

The series centers around Kazuda Xiono (Christopher Sean), a young pilot of the Resistance, a military group within the First Order. By chance, Kaz gets dragged along into a special mission with Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) to bring down the villainous First Order.

In the premiere two-part television movie episode, Kaz, Poe and BB-8 travel to Colossus, a location full of pilots and plenty of alien characters. It’s there that Kaz prides himself as being a successful pilot, even though he’s still a young gun. Though he begins work as a mechanic, the locals try to humble him, inviting him to partake in a race to prove his worth.

Throughout the episode, viewers will see a lot of “Star Wars” franchise reminders. BB-8 and Poe Dameron are two obvious references, but so too are the various Clone War-era droids and angry aliens at the bar floating around Colossus.

Still, there remain a few details about the show that don't feel like "Star Wars” at all. For this reason, the show will have a hard time winning overall OG “Star Wars” fans. But it is a sign the show won’t hold back with treading new territory.

Bright colors

"Star Wars" shows and movies tend to deal with a lot of plain colors. We're talking gray suits for the Empire's crew, dark black cloaks and capes for the Siths, brown robes for the Jedi. Not a lot of vibrancy there, eh?

Disney's new show is packed with bright colors. But we’re not just talking the glowing green of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber or the yellow eyes of a Sith Lord. No. We’re talking about Kaz’s bright blue and yellow jumpsuit he wears to open the episode.

Later, he dresses in a bright green jumpsuit. And yes, friend Neeku Vozo (Josh Brener) has green skin and a yellow jumpsuit.

Don’t forget about Torra Doza (Myrna Velasco), the young woman who wears an outfit made of aqua blue and orange designs. The bright and adventurous colors bring something new to the “Star Wars” universe, showing this show won’t be about the drib and drab of the mundane.

Not a lot of action

You won’t see a lot of action in the show’s premiere episode. The opening scene includes Kaz in a star fight with a First Order soldier and the climax centers around a race between Kaz and Torra, which features plenty of explosions. But those two moments are bookends to what is mostly a simple, dialogue-heavy episode, which aims to promote Kaz’s wittiness and slight-of-hand antics.

But for a “Star Wars” show, you’d expect a few more gunfire fights and chase scenes than you’re exposed to in this episode. Every other "Star Wars" movie or television program is packed with stormtroopers running amuck, shooting at heroes with horrible accuracy. Fiery explosions come with a side of Jawa Juice in the "Star Wars" fandom. Other than those two aforementioned moments, you won't see any crazy action, at least in the premiere.

No mention of the Force or Jedi

If you’re looking for any reference to the Force or the Jedi, look elsewhere — this isn’t the show for you. The closest thing we get to a Force reference is a cameo appearance by a General Leia Organa hologram. While other animated “Star Wars” shows — like “Rebels” and “The Clone Wars” — have centered on Jedis for main characters, it isn’t the case with “Resistance.” Expect a show full of fighters, pilots and racing enthusiasts instead.