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Facebook hoax: Don't fall for the fake friend request message in your inbox

SALT LAKE CITY — Officials are warning Facebook users about a new viral message that is actually a hoax.

As CBS News reported, the viral message asks Facebook users to hold their finger on the message for an extended period of time until a button with an option to forward the message appears. Then, the message calls them to forward the message on to their friends.

“Hi … I actually got another friend request from you yesterday which I ignored so you may want to check your account,” the message reads.

Officials warn the message is fake, though. Forwarding the message to your friends will only keep the message alive.

Don’t worry — your Facebook account isn’t duplicating friend requests. No bugs or viruses are currently plaguing Facebook users.

So what do you do? Nothing. Just let the message die in your trash bin, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer.

The scam message began circulating social media earlier this month, according to the fact-check website

However, Snopes advises those who think their account has actually been hacked to send a separate private message to their friends. That message should ask their friends if they received a second friend request or not.

You can also do a quick search on Facebook of your name to see if there are any secondary Facebook accounts with your name.

And if you see a secondary profile, Facebook allows you report it to the social network through the “Report” button on the top left.