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Letter: Health insurance is about more than receiving medical care

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

I completely agree with the article published Sept. 17, "Proposition 3 is good for Utahns." Proper health insurance is not just about receiving reliable medical care; it is also about preparing for unexpected hospital bills that many families could not otherwise afford.

During the delivery of my child, I needed a C-section, a procedure that is nearly impossible for a young couple to afford. Thanks to Medicaid and insurance, my husband and I were able to pay small co-pays for a procedure that could have set us back more than $20,000.

This amount of money would have significantly burdened our family at the worst possible time — just after bringing a life into the world. Not only was the procedure successful thanks to the doctors and hospital staff, but we were not forced into a financial situation that could have made the start of our child’s life more difficult.

I now work as a nurse at Alta View Hospital and have seen firsthand the kind of quality medical care that Medicaid is able to provide its recipients. More of Utah’s residents, even those who are not a part of the program, should recognize the value it provides to the physical and financial well-being of families across the state.

Sydney Greenhalgh