SALT LAKE CITY — Netflix released a new interactive episode of “Black Mirror” Friday that allows viewers to pick and choose how the story develops.

The 90-minute episode landed on Netflix at about 1:01 a.m. MST on Friday, CNBC reports.

How to watch: Netflix instructs users to keep their remotes or mouse and trackpad close to them during the episode as they will have to select different storyline options presented throughout the episode.

  • Viewers will need to answer simple “yes” or “no” questions to what happens to the characters.
  • The decisions you make will impact which ending you see. There are eight endings in total, according to Slate.
  • There are "over a trillion unique permutations of the story," according to Variety.

However: If you stop the episode and play from the beginning, all your previously selected choices will be erased, CNBC reports.

Flashback: The trailer for the episode, called “Bandersnatch,” dropped earlier this week. It follows the story of a young coder who helps create a computer video game, according to Slate.

Bigger picture: Back in October, I noted how “choose-your-own-adventure” shows would arrive on Netflix in the future. The “Black Mirror” project is the first of more to come.

  • “The new type of programming will represent a big change for Netflix, which pioneered the idea of releasing an entire season at once for binge-watching,” I wrote.