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Letter: The government shutdown and divisive wedge issues

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Deseret News

The United States government was shut down because of the childish behavior of many members in the Senate. Members of the Democratic Party want the media to show that they are standing for the American people. Members of the Republican Party want the media to broadcast that they are really the ones standing for the American people. Members on the left and right are arguing, bickering and really just being immature, while making the U.S. government look foolish.

The reason these politicians are making the country look so foolish is for political money, power and favor. Meanwhile, they put at risk military members' and other government employees' salaries and forced them to spend their savings to just survive while members of political parties are making millions off of divisive fundraising.

Under the guise of certain political issues that have lots of controversy around them, the leaders of the parties are simply trying to get money and find wedge issues to win elections. It may look like the leaders of the political parties are standing for others, but really they are looking to serve themselves. It is time for the American people to stand for themselves and demand better from politicians of both parties.

Will Matheson

Cedar Hills