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Opening Ceremonies move, inspire Utah's Olympians

Utah's home-grown Olympians reveled in the Pyeongchang Opening Ceremonies. They shared their thoughts on the ceremonial start to the 2018 Winter Games with the Deseret News Friday night.

Chris Fogt, Bobsled (Third Olympics)

"(It) was great," said the Alpine native and U.S. Army Captain. "It never gets old and is just as exciting as the first time. There really is no other feeling in the world like walking out behind your flag with Team USA athletes to represent our great country on a stage like the Olympics."

Abby Ringquist, Ski jumping (First Olympics)

“It was incredible. I feel so honored and proud to have experienced the Opening Ceremonies. It was truly an overwhelming feeling of unity with the world. I thought the Organizing Committee did an amazing job with the whole production, and it’s a memory I will cherish forever. I love that North and South Korea marched together. It felt as if peace on earth is possible and what better way to showcase this symbolism than on the world stage of sports."

Jared Goldberg, Alpine (Second Olympics)

"Opening ceremonies is always a very cool experience," the Skyline High alum said. "Our venue is deep in the mountains and very quiet so getting to go to the opening and seeing all the hype of the Olympics is energizing. I think it was a historical night with Korea uniting and hopefully the first step in them finding peace. I thought the light show was the highlight of the night."

Jerica Tandiman, speed skating (First Olympics)

"It was an experience I will never forget," said Tandiman, a Kearns High graduate who competes in long track. "There were so many feelings while walking into the stadium. I felt excited, honored and united. It was an experience where it no longer mattered what country anyone was from. We were all there to experience the same Olympic spirit and it was beyond awesome."

"I think North and South Korea walking together was powerful," Tandiman said. "To come together is what the Olympics are all about."

Megan McJames, Alpine (Third Olympics)

"I had a great time soaking in all the Olympic energy at opening ceremonies," the Park City native said. "It was really fun to spend time with the other Team USA athletes and trade pins with all of the other countries!

Will Rhoads, Ski Jumping (First Olympics)

"Opening ceremonies was a ton of fun," the Park City native said. "It was a huge honor to walk with my USA teammates behind the American flag. It was an amazing display and a lot of fun to be a part of! Also, seeing Korea march as one nation was really cool and felt like a historic moment in the making. The whole ceremony had a cool underlying theme of peace which was really nice with all that has been going on in the world recently."

Salt Lake native Nathan Chen and others shared pictures and sentiment on a number of social media platforms.