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Letter: Why do we accept violence?

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

Why does our society seem to accept violence? The fans of the Philadelphia Eagles caused so much damage to the city, and they seemed to justify it because they won the Super Bowl. What would have happened if they had lost? Our lawmakers are trying to pass laws and spend millions to stop violence and to stop behavior that causes harm to others. All the while, we just accept and tolerate riots, protest and activities where property gets damaged and people get hurt.

When do we start to understand that the "right" we have is to protect and help others, as well as this country — meaning our cities, our neighborhoods and our streets? That is our "right."

We don't need to spend millions on trying to stop violence; we need to hold people responsible for their actions. There is not another country in the world I would rather live in, and I will do my best in teaching my children and my grandchildren the responsibility they have in protecting themselves, their homes, their cities and this country. That is their right.

Jan Evans

North Salt Lake