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Utah ranks among the top 10 worst states for motorists

A semitrailer carrying cattle tipped on the eastbound I-84 bridge over I-15, causing major delays on both interstates on Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017.
A tipped semitrailer carrying cattle on the eastbound I-84 bridge over I-15 caused major delays on both interstates on Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017.
Derek Petersen, Deseret News

Once again, Utah made a list of the top 10 worst driving states in the country.

The new list, which comes from, ranked Utah as the eighth worst state for motorists, placing behind Massachusetts, Vermont and Ohio.

Iowa ranked as the top overall state for drivers, followed by Minnesota, New Jersey and Virginia.

Montana finished as the worst state for drivers, ranking ahead of Arizona, Louisiana, Texas and Nevada within the top five.

Utah finished at the No. 22 spot on last year’s list.

The website based its rankings on five categories, including fatality rate, failure to obey the law while driving, drunken driving, speeding and careless driving.

Each state was ranked on a scale of 1-51 and then was given a total score to figure out the overall rankings.

“Everyone thinks the worst drivers live in their state. When you're stuck in traffic or commuting that can seem likely — but of course they can't all be worst,” reported.

The Beehive State finished with the best ranking for drunken driving, meaning the state has the lowest rate of drunk driving incidents.

In January, a WalletHub report ranked Utah as the 26th worst place to drive in the United States. Texas topped that list, followed by Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and North Carolina.

But QuoteWizard study placed Utah as the worst state in the country for driving thanks to a large number of car accidents and speeding violations in the state.