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Letter: Thanks, Mayor Biskupski, for helping The Other Side Academy

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

At last, The Other Side Academy, after a whole year of daily effort, has the right to tear down the infectious eyesore on 7th East. It can now build apartments for young folks who have overcome their addictions and already have jobs. If you pass by the building, just below South Temple on the west side of the street, you will see this eyesore. Then, look on the corner at the mansion in which some of them live now. These young people are the best neighbors anyone could ask for: They have repainted the house, kept it spotless, rake leaves and shovel snow for their neighbors. All this while learning skills on the job in carpentry, food preparation and more.

The Other Side Academy also happens to have a moving company with a fine reputation. I have never met a more polite, respectful and grateful group of young people who have been through the wringer and are saving their own lives. This program is not at taxpayers’ expense. It is supported by private donations.

So thank you, Mayor Biskupski, for finally coming to a decision on this issue, which seemed like a no-brainer to a lot of us. "Ramshackle Shack" is turning into a source of pride and hope after many years of shrugging it off by city officials. It is wonderful to know we have someone who stopped shrugging and got something done.

Terrell Dougan

Salt Lake City